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“Adopting health care information technology is not a technical feat; it’s a feat of economics."

- David Brailer, National Coordinator for Health IT


HealthEsys can seamlessly adapt and integrate the company products and systems with a hospital’s specific platforms. This minimizes investment on expensive infrastructure. It cuts cost to allow the hospital to focus on its core competency – treat and heal patients and gain patient satisfaction, which is the highest reward. It achieves efficiency and reduction in cost by eliminating dispersed information and poorly organized clinical data with easily accessible, accurate and portable automated patient information. It benefits the delivery process, primarily in:

  • Administrative
  • Billing
  • Decrease in wait time of inpatients and outpatients
  • Emergency - effective source of medical history when a patient arrives incommunicative.
  • Ambulatory

Phased deliverables make costs more manageable and sophisticated technology can integrate patient data from multiple sources. Bulk purchases push down the per-card cost, making it competitive. If an organization makes an investment in electronic health record, the cost of smart card add-on technology is not a significant amount. There is also no need for a recurring budget.

The benefits fall into three broad categories:


  • Cost reduction in:
  • Medical Errors
  • Defensive Medicine
  • Adverse Drug Events
  • Duplicative Tests


  • Adhere better to clinical protocols
  • Better use of drugs and lab services
  • Expedites diagnosis and treatment
  • Expedites administrative tasks and recovery time
  • Better coordinated care
  • Sharing of vital patient information between providers
  • Shortens time spent with each patient
  • More turnover in patient volume


  • Reduces administrative and clinical staff
  • Increases transaction volume
  • Rapid access to information
  • Decreases malpractice litigation
  • Adheres to federal, state and organization standards
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