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  • Make it a way of life for customers to carry their medical information in their wallet 24/7 anywhere in the world.
  • Humanize the process of healthcare service by empowering healthcare providers and customers with readily available medical information.
  • Connect the fragmented dots in the healthcare industry to reduce errors.
  • HealtheSys is a health information technology company providing products, integration and services for the healthcare sector.
  • Offices in Fairfax, Virginia and San Francisco, California, USA.
  • Partners with Arko Inc., Nevaeh Tech and MindSpec to provide cutting-edge technology.
  • Arko Inc., is a multi-disciplined IT organization.
  • MindSpec, is the R&D associate, focuses on computer-assisted disease prognosis and prevention.
  • Comprises of senior scientists of National Institute of Health, MD, USA and a team of technology specialists with 50 years of comprehensive experience in enterprise infrastructure.
  • Strong Advisory Board of prominent scientists and IT professionals.
  • HealtheCard is a healthcare smart card encrypted with a patientís vital medical information for prompt emergency action.
  • Links to a web-based healthePage portal for detail medical data used for diagnosis and treatment.

"There are three ways to handle change. You can fight it and die; accept it and survive; or, lead it and prosper."


- An entrepreneur

So lets lead and prosper !!

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