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“Widespread adoption of interoperable health information technology is a cornerstone of creating a 21st Century Intelligent Health system.”

Myhealthcard is a healthcare smart card encrypted with a patient’s vital medical information for prompt emergency action. It further links to a web-based myhealthpage portal for off-card detail medical data for accurate treatment options. The information is gathered from existing scattered medical data or from standardized electronic medical records (EMRs) and extracted into a health summary. The data is routinely updated by authorized healthcare professionals during visits to provide real time information.

It comes in two forms – the convenient form of a plastic credit card and an USB port in the form of a key chain. The plastic card requires a card reader interface. The USB port will not require any special software or hardware, allowing portability to any network systems. An embedded integrated circuit (IC) chip has the ability to provide secure and portable storage of data. It enables authenticated access to information, either on the card or within the application system, and supports secure transactions between the card and the system.

Myhealthcard is owned by the patient, allowing them to have direct control over their health. Key medical data include photo identification, demographics, allergies, current medications, laboratory results, medical histories, chronic diseases, family history and other important patient information.


  • Leveraged on proven smart card technology
  • Customized to individual hospital requirements
  • Protected by PIN and dual slots, optional digital signature and biometrics and HIPAA compliant
  • Based on medical standards, CCR , HL7 , PC/SC , etc.
  • Interoperable and not proprietary. Compatible with ISO 7816
  • USB Connector
  • Link to web-base portal, myhealthpage, for detail clinical information.


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