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“Widespread adoption of interoperable health information technology is a cornerstone of creating a 21st Century Intelligent Health system.”
  • Fundamentally improve the quality of medical care by empowering care providers and customers with a key to holistic healthcare.
  • Make it a way of life for customers to carry their current medical information in their wallet 24/7 anywhere in the world.
  • Merge technology and medical information to offer administrative proficiency, cost efficiency, medical knowledge and quality patient care.
  • Connect the fragmented dots in the healthcare industry to reduce errors, duplicative tests and healthcare cost.
  • Provide readily accessible information in a real time scale that is secure, portable and interoperable, at a reasonable price.
  • Transform passive patients to active partners by making them feel personally responsible and connected with their health.
  • Provide customers with a 360 view of their medical information, by treating the present, gathering the past to manage the future.
  • Lay the foundation for computer-assisted prognosis service to aid in prediction, detection, prevention and early intervention of disease development.
  • Humanize the process of healthcare service by providing an experience-based product that can envision and encompass the customers’ unspoken needs.
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