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"What will be required to increase the quality of life and health is a coming together of technology and values, based on a scientific guiding principle that people can agree on"

- Doc Childre

Prognosis and Prevention

The health system is prone to treating sicker patients and is continually striving to contain Medicare and Medicaid costs. Early intervention is the key to controlling such costs. U.S. is becoming an aging nation. As of 2005, 50% of the population is between 50-74 years and by 2030 one in five American will be 65 or older. 80% of Boomers believe they will keep working after they turn age 65. This disposable income will be spent on products and services needed to maintain a productive life for a longer period. They have the ability to change the image of aging by preventing acute diseases, managing chronic disabilities and seeking early preventive care. Thus constituting a lesser financial burden on the nation’s economy.

HealthEsys’ prognosis engine, besides helping the general population, will be of immense help in providing guidelines for preventive and managed care for an aging population with chronic diseases. It will be able to drill down on a patient-specific basis to engage the physician and patient in more preventative types of approach as it can provide detailed longitudinal information. This applied across the chain of primary and specialist care will be able to bring down cost considerably.


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